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I’ve sold AED 400+ million in property the last year only, received sales awards, and grown my business’ metrics each year, but the number I focus on every day is the exact number of clients who have homes and investments currently in Dubai. My approach is deeply analytical and I work tirelessly to ensure my clients are up to date on their home and/or their investment.

Prior to real estate, I spent the first part of my career in premier home maintenance services. Having been part of the maintenance industry, i realised buying an expensive piece of real estate is just part of the process, the next step is keeping the property well-maintained, to prevent breakdowns and enhance the life of the property, thus providng premium service and undetsanding customer needs came in naturally.

Like everyone who hails from India, I am a total foodie, outdoors enthusiast, and an athelete. When I’m not hustling houses, you’ll find me traveling around 7 emirates indulging in biking, jogging, boating, exploring UAE’s best food scene, or at one of the beach resorts. It’s easy to sell something when you have an absurd passion for it. It’s why many of my out-of-town clients get an itinerary to explore as many parks, restaurants, beaches, and historic sites as they do neighborhoods and houses.


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